Nyke Prince began acting and modeling at age seven for bridal ads and television advertisements.  She became interested in fashion because her mom worked at a law firm in Beverly Hills so she was always dressed very stylish and professional.  She wore matching shoes and beautiful suits.  Fashion was big in the 80’s and 90’s.  Nyke was born and raised in Los Angeles where there are many well-known stylists and actors.  It was not difficult to be part of the business.  She decided to attend Vidal Sassoon Academy despite many other choices.  Learning to do hair and exhibiting creativity and perfection were a vital part of everyday life in the business.  Not only did she learn the techniques of a makeup artist by attending Joe Blasco Make-Up of Hollywood, but grew to master the arts of fashion in life.

She has toured Europe and learned a lot about fashion and make-up in the United Kingdom along with their crazy fringes.  She was so inspired and wanted to learn more but she had to stop touring as she was offered a position at Helmet Salon in West Hollywood and worked as an assistant and hair stylist for more two years.  She was not satisfied and started looking forward to a more challenging position.  At that point, she left and started working for a well-known celebrity hair stylist as his personal assistant.  This was very challenging as it required travel around the world to places like London and Milan nonstop.  Nyke’s background entails working with celebrities in preparation for their photo shoots for magazines and press as such as E!, Men’s Health Magazines, Oprah, PopSugar and many more.  She was also featured in “I Am Beautiful”, a book by Ken Paves.  She has always felt there was more out there than just modeling and doing hair.

Her background in the fashion arena extends mostly to visibility and creativity as she has worked with and has been inspired by many stylists.  LA Street Fashion has played a big part and keeping up with magazines such as VOGUE, PEOPLE, etc.  Instagram and Twitter have been instrumental also.  She is extremely inspired by the experience she has acquired by being a part of Los Angeles Fashion industry.  She now has a need to express her creativity of fashion in order to share with others independently.

She has been a personal shopper for many clients, which requires keeping up with the latest trends and putting outfits together for certain events or trips.  Through all of this, she has always been interested in playing drums and continues to be into music and performs at small venues.

This blog is her new adventure to share with the world… not just make-up and hair but now Nyke Prince offers to show the real inner side of herself because this time you get to connect directly with her!  She is amazingly excited to share the journey with you, and hope you are too!