Greetings from Manhattan Beach

Dorothy Kim from 35mm Clothing was kind to send me some nice pieces along with a lovely note!  I grew up in South Bay area in Los Angeles county, I always  get greeted with warm conversation from locals that may bump into me at local cafe. Manhattan Beach, one of cities in South Bay area where everyone seemed to be casual and down-to-earth. Anyway, while back when I was in high school, almost everyone was either a skater or surfer, and we all used sunblock every single day. This smell of coconut oil in the hair and drinking smoothies on the warm sand was my life are few things I miss before I moved to Hollywood chaos! My life is better now but how can I forgot my precious memories? The 35mm clothes reflected me of little things from home and bringing some pieces from home with me to the city helps me to reminisce all those memories.  On this blog, I am wearing sleeve top which is comfortable, and the colors are absolutely perfect. Powdered sand pink with gold sunset down to the bottom, combined with boots because they make it look more casual that matched with the outfit. The fringe is back in style, I found this one purse I adore, I got it from this small boutique place on Melrose Ave. I will add couple more photos next week with new pieces from 35mm, just wait and see!  Oh, before I forget, one of craziest thing about 35mm, there is one amazing model on the cover of 35mm issue of 2015 named Rocky Barnes, who went to same high school with me! The coolest part about it, we both were on the cheer squad! Anyone that moved to Los Angeles from Hermosa Beach/ Manhattan Beach tends to bring a little fashion with them when they leave their hometown. I thank Dorothy Kim for her excellent taste in fashion, and be sure to check out Rocky in the darkroom section You can also follow Rocky Barnes on,

Top and shots; 35MM.

Boots; Rocketdog.