Whatever happens in Vegas, I tell it all on my BLOG!

I can't believe that I will say this, I so love Vegas. There are so many reasons; flashing lights, casino, pool parties, and epic restaurants, how can you NOT love the sin city?  It is the best place to be all dolled up and your fashion can't go wrong. You can be anyone you want to be in Vegas. I went on a quick trip to celebrate my girl's birthday, we wanted to be sexy but simple. Next day, my friends were in town to do a live show which was very exciting. I know it is not that EASY to travel with anyone, especially with your friends who do different things from you. You gotta make sure you can be independent to do things, because I do take risks. I play safe, too.  I don't mind staying in and watching Netflix but I don't often get vacations. Oh hello summer! You are finally here, I've missed you.